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Not sure yet what you wish to cover when you teach your class about the wonders that jazz has to offer?  The following sites offer lesson plan ideas as well as activities appropriate for your students.

On-Line Jazz Lesson Plans

Topic Grade Level Summary
A Jazz Talk Show 4-8, 9-12 Students will explore the lives of various jazz musicians. They will become familiar with the social and historical events that were present during the lives of these individuals. They will listen to the music of the artists and become knowledgeable about their styles. This activity will culminate in the production of a news/talk show created and performed by the students highlighting the lives of these musical figures.
Design Your Own Jazz Club 11-12 You are a team of designers assigned to build a new Jazz Club in your city. The Club will have different rooms for different jazz styles. Each design team (4 to 6 members) must choose a room to develop and make it as realistic as possible. Remember, the more authentic you make The Jazz Club the more people you will attract!
Duking it Out 6-8, 9-12
In this lesson plan, students read and discuss 'Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra: Mixing Treasures by Duke Ellington and Edvard Grieg,' exploring how jazz transformed European music and the influence jazz has had on modern music. Additionally, students will write a musical review.
Jazz in America 5, 8, 11 Speaks of What is Jazz and also covers Jazz as an integral part of American History and Culture.
Jazz is About Collaboration 9-12 This lesson was designed to learn about the importance of jazz music in American life during the Depression, learn about Jim Crow laws and their effect on African-Americans.  It will also contrast the ways in which America's most significant contribution to the arts, jazz music, depended on collaboration, whereas segregation valued separation above all else.
Jazz Talk 6-8, 9-12
Students will analyze work songs, spirituals, blues, and gospel songs in order to develop an appreciation for the origins of jazz music. They will also examine works of poetry from African American artists and create their own poems. After completing this activity, students should be able to describe the impact of African American songs and writings on American culture.
Sing the Blues 4-8 The lyrics in blues songs, the musical forerunner of jazz, often express hardship with an ironic, defiant twist. In this activity students explore examples of this musical form, then write their own lyrics for a blues song.