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How to Play the Native American Flute

By Dave Redfern (Writer)

Published: 23 Mar 21:59 in Web Development

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An introduction to the new Flute Resource available at

How to Play the Native American Flute

After much prodding from students and fellow staff members, I have created an online resource for those learning how to play the 6-hole Native American Flute!

My biggest challenge in running a flute ensemble has been finding music that is playable by a group of students who are not ready to venture into songs which use many tricky fingering and have not yet reached a level of comfort to create their own music. It takes time to develop the good ear and technique required to ensure proper tuning when playing. As such, it is easiest to avoid songs which use tricky fingerings, like half-holes, while learning the basics to ensure a strong basis on which to later build.

That's where this site comes in. Now, students have a place to come to learn fingerings and listen to songs with recordings made by me. (Okay, so the recordings aren't perfect, but it gives them something to practice with!) It is my hope to keep it up to date with our repertoire as permitted by copyright.

Click here to visit this resource!

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