Dave Redfern is a PHP / MySQL developer with a fascination for all things techy. Madagasgar.com is his home page.

Dave has been working in IT either as a hobby or professionally for over 15 years, with 4 of those spent in mobile, and over 10 in web design and development.

Dave is the maintainer of the Scorpio framework, a PHP5 object-oriented development system designed to be relatively light-weight, yet very powerful.

Why Madagasgar.com?

Madagasgar.com came about from a mis-spelling of a song by Simon Berry (a.k.a Art of Trance). It was supposed to be madagasga. Unfortunately an extra r was added and has been kept ever since.

Madagasga (which is also spelt madagasca, madagasgar and madagascar just for effect) was a massive club hit around 1999. It occassionally still resurfaces even today. The most popular version is known as the Cyngus X Remix.

Contrary to what some people think, this site has absolutely nothing to do with the country Madagascar. The country is apparently a highly enjoyable holiday get-away with some very unique and beautiful flora and fauna that you can find no where else.