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Moving Opera Mail

When the time comes, what is it like to move mail and settings that are in Operas Mail client? Read more »

22 Feb 14:11 - More in Resources

PHP5 filter_var feature?

Scorpio uses the PHP5.2+ filter extension, but sometimes it doesn't seem to do exactly what you think. Like for instance handling encoded and embedded XML or HTML in a HTML string. Read more »

05 Dec 19:16 - More in Web Development

PHP DOMDocument notes

From tweaking parts of Scorpio, I ran into a few oddities with DOMDocument. Read more »

25 Nov 16:48 - More in Web Development

Quick performance tips for PHP and Apache

This is a set of tips to gain some extra performance out of PHP and Apache without requiring huge amounts of effort. Read more »

18 Nov 16:31 - More in Web Development

Seemingly random escape sequence

While creating a cache file on a Windows system I ran into a weird issue where the cache file was being corrupted when included. Read more »

18 Nov 15:25 - More in Web Development

How to Play the Native American Flute

An introduction to the new Flute Resource available at Read more »

23 Mar 21:59 - More in Web Development