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Short break to Marloes, Wales

By Dave Redfern (Writer)

Published: 23 Mar 21:28 in News

Tags: break, march, marloes, native, sands

Recent break to Marloes in Wales resulted is some pretty decent (if low res images).

Marloes Sands

I had a short break to Marloes in South West Wales, and while this was primarily a "re-location" trip there was some time for a walk to Marloes Sands - a beach on the southern side of Marloes. I was there for high-tide which I had not seen for a while and was able to take a few photos, which will be put online once the photo component is complete.

In the mean time here is a shot looking out into the Atlantic taken on a SonyEricsson W880i.

Marloes Sands, Wales, March 2008

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More as and when.


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