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Site outage 22nd January 2009

By Dave Redfern (Writer)

Published: 22 Jan 19:25 in News

Tags: opera

There was a temporary site outage today (Thursday 22nd January 2009). This affected all sites on the domain. Services are now restored.

There was an outage today for This was caused by the hosting company that is with relocating the server to the new data centre. The move itself went very smoothly on the whole with only a few minor issues with some email being lost and the main web root pointing at a Cpanel page not the webroot of my account.

Unfortunately the new server, while running PHP5, did not have PDO enabled in the php.ini. No PDO and specifically no PDO-MySQL driver means no websites. Fortunately the hosts (Site5) responded very quickly, fixing the domain issue within a few minutes of it being reported and the PDO config issue about an hour later.

The last problem was my own doing: I had previously had a php.ini file for some custom settings, however I finally diagnosed that it was the cause of some remaining issues. Removing it and all is well again.

Everything now seems to be restored fully, though I am monitoring the situation.

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