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Scorpio 0.1.3 released for download

By Dave Redfern (Writer)

Published: 07 Dec 21:16 in Scorpio

Tags: eula, php

Scorpio has been updated to 0.1.3 and is now available for download from the project homepage.

Scorpio has been updated and a 0.1.3 release made available. This includes a lot of updates and upgrades of third party components as well as a host of bug fixes and performance improvements.

The performance improvements are most noticeable in the WURFL device layer and the MVC system. For the WURFL system, these improvements were helped by the inclusion of updates to the database driver system to include better query logging. In the dbOptions, stats can be collected for all executed or prepared queries (though not re-executed prepared queries). These are held as a stack of executed queries by type (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE) and a running count for each.

The MVC layer performance improvements come largely from the addition of an mvcAutoload cache so that the file paths do not have to be calculated on every request. This can be enabled and setup to be entirely automated along with the option to either always pre-load additional libraries or not. This can help increase the responsiveness of the MVC layer.

In the bug fixes, there are many corrections to the base libraries and to the MVC layer. Some identified by the test cases that have been added. Yes, there need to be more, but they are being worked on slowly but surely.

A few changes have been made to the systemAutoload class. Now the cache files should be kept entirely lowercase. This should make it easier to support other libraries naming conventions.

Finally: virtually all the third party components have been updated to the latest stable versions available including Smarty 2.6.21. To further aid Smarty updates, the Scorpio plugins have now been moved out into a dedicated folder which is automatically added via the systemSmartyBase class.

The latest release can be found on the Scorpio home page from the Download link.

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