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Scorpio 0.5.0 Released for Download

Next major version of Scorpio is out now. Get it from Source Forge or SVN. Read more »

13 May 14:23 - More in Scorpio

Scorpio 0.4.2 Released

The next major version of Scorpio was released a few weeks ago, this is the latest updated addressing issues with Smarty. Download now from the project site. Read more »

19 Nov 21:02 - More in Scorpio

New Scorpio Website

The Scorpio project website has been completely overhauled with a slick new look and many new articles. Read more »

23 May 16:57 - More in Scorpio

Scorpio 0.2.4 Released

The next release of Scorpio for PHP is now available for download from Sourceforge. This is a minor update with bug fixes and an update to Smarty. Read more »

24 Jul 01:47 - More in Scorpio

Scorpio 0.2.3 released

The next point release in the 0.2 Scorpio branch is ready for download. This is a minor update fixing bugs and docblock comments. Read more »

02 Jul 00:47 - More in Scorpio

Scorpio 0.2.2 Released

New point release for the Scorpio Framework for PHP is now available. This is a minor bug fix. Read more »

25 May 23:16 - More in Scorpio

Scorpio 0.2.1 Released

The Scorpio Framework has released the first update in the 0.2 branch. Read more »

01 May 01:57 - More in Scorpio

DVD catalogue breaks 300 entries

After a mammoth data entry session, most of the films are now in and the catalogue has reached 317 titles! Read more »

22 Mar 02:51 - More in News

DVD catalogue keeps on growing

The DVD catalogue is now up to 181 titles - and still growing! Read more »

16 Mar 14:10 - More in News

Scorpio 0.1.3 released for download

Scorpio has been updated to 0.1.3 and is now available for download from the project homepage. Read more »

07 Dec 21:16 - More in Scorpio

Introducing Scorpio

With the re-launch of Madagasgar.com, Dave takes a quick look at the engine powering the site. Read more »

07 Mar 15:51 - More in Scorpio