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Scorpio 0.2.3 released

By Dave Redfern (Writer)

Published: 02 Jul 00:47 in Scorpio

Tags: eula, php

The next point release in the 0.2 Scorpio branch is ready for download. This is a minor update fixing bugs and docblock comments.

We are pleased to release the next update in the 0.2 branch. This is a point release addressing a few minor bugs and documentation errors discovered since the initial 0.2.0 release. Several packages have been updated and there are a few minor additions.

Changes since 0.2.2 include

  • + Upgraded to Smarty 2.6.25
  • + Upgraded to TinyMCE 3.2.5
  • + Upgraded to FirePHP 0.3.0
  • + Added additional listeners to cliApplication, memUsage and Timer
  • + Added more cliApplicationEvents
  • + Added a command path to cliApplication for additional commands
  • + Added ftpClient, conversion of PEAR Net::FTP to PHP5 classes
  • + Updated WURFL download location and updated download command
  • + Updated README and LICENSE file
  • + Updated mvcDaoController to allow for TinyMCE instances
  • + Many updates to docblock comments
  • + Bug fixes to mvcDaoControllers allowing links into edit pages
  • - Removed requirement for a master config.xml file

Download now:

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