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Scorpio 0.2.1 Released

By Dave Redfern (Writer)

Published: 01 May 01:57 in Scorpio

Tags: eula, php

The Scorpio Framework has released the first update in the 0.2 branch.

April and indeed 2009 has been a busy time for the Scorpio Framework (an open-source, BSD Licensed PHP5 framework) with many, many updates tweaks and bug fixes. Version 0.2 was launched finally in April after many months of testing and running both this site and the main Scorpio site.

This release is a small update that fixes several minor bugs that materialised since the initial 0.2 release as well as updates to the inline documentation. A couple of new Distributor plugins were added to help with profiling and debugging, namely a dispatch timer and an audit logger.

Scorpio continues to grow and be improved and is already proving to be an excellent foundation for large projects.

More details about Scorpio can be found on the main project page and the full changelog is available, again on the main site.

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