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New Scorpio Website

By Dave Redfern (Writer)

Published: 23 May 16:57 in Scorpio

Tags: php, xml

The Scorpio project website has been completely overhauled with a slick new look and many new articles.

Since the 0.3 release of Scorpio is now out (onto version, the website has been completely overhauled. This long overdue update changes the look and feel and places many more links in better locations.

The site has been re-developed over a period of several months and uses the 960 Grid System as a base. This CSS framework splits a page into columns and makes laying out a design much easier.

Some more changes include an automated system for creating articles from class docblock comments with links, method breakdown and appropriate tags. Most classes can be accessed just by adding the class name to /components/.

A few articles were removed because they are no longer relevant; the old mvcGenerator.php and generator.php CLI tools were moved into the main scorpio.php CLI tool and the related classes for generating code where refactored into the generator system.

The final change was updating the back-end to run the latest version of Scorpio, so now this site is also running on it. This is the trunk revision which will be the next milestone release. Between then and now will be another patch release to fix the remaining Smarty 3 issues (just waiting on the next Smarty 3 release) and a few bug fixes / minor tweaks to provide better logging.

You can download Scorpio from the project website (hosted on Sourceforge), and for more information pop over to


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